Raghava Yadhava

This was for the invitation of the Thematic Bharata Natyam Recital that is to take place on the 14th of January at the Mylapore Fine Arts Club. The Students (in pic), disciples of Meenakshi Chitaranjan, the famous Bharata Natyam exponent in the Pandanallur style of dance,  are the performing artistes for this event!

For the uninitiated and for the non-Indian bloggers:

Raghava refers to Rama, the  most popular of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, portrayed by the Bow in his left hand and an Arrow in his right hand.

Yadhava refers to Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, portrayed by the action of playing the Flute.

Hence the name Raghava Yadhava!

10 responses to “Raghava Yadhava

  1. Jay, what a stunning shot! You captured the light on the faces very brilliantly.

    Ah, thanks for the lovely comment on my recent poem — left you a response.
    Be in touch, always wonderful to see your visits..cheers.

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