Golden Radiance

I had the good fortune of visiting Thailand during Dec 2010 – Jan 2011. Buddhism always fascinates me. The statues and busts of The Buddha provide a strange sense of calm..most of us know Thailand for Muay Thai, Adventure Sports etc. But most importantly, it is the land where Buddhism flourished after its introduction by the Great Indian Emperor – Asoka.

This photo of The Reclining Buddha is in the Wat Pho temple complex in Bangkok. And my god, is he HUGE. Spanning almost 42 metres wide and 15 metres tall, in all the golden splendour, this Buddha overwhelms you with his presence!

The concentric circles are in fact engraved on TWO of the toes of his feet!! Couldn’t really grab the whole feet with the upper torso in the bg in a single frame!

Yet it was fantastic! Hope you like it too!

17 responses to “Golden Radiance

  1. I thought the temple itself (the enclosure) could’ve been much bigger, so that people can stand back and appreciate the massiveness of the statue.!

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