My Mind a Nolan Movie

Before you all wonder what this might be, let me introduce you to my PRIMARY blog : My Mind a Nolan Movie.

As the name suggests, i’m an ardent fan of Christopher Nolan and his movies, each movie of his has been path breaking to say the least and i relate my way of thinking to his way of thinking. May or may not be true, but hey that’s what i believe!

Since it is not on WordPress, there was no other alternative for me to introduce my current WordPress bloggers and followers to that blog.

So would appreciate if you could follow the other blog via e-mail or via the Facebook page: My Mind a Nolan Movie (Just click like)

I do hope you would find it as interesting and entertaining as this blog! 🙂 Do share your comments and thoughts on MMNM too! Look forward to seeing you there!

P.S – The cartoon above is for my latest post – When Shit Happens (where i deal with Crow Poop phenomenon 😉 )

10 responses to “My Mind a Nolan Movie

  1. Jayanth, I just came back to read the story and …OMG, what a horrifying experience! No wonder you’ve got the “Aerial Avian Coprophobia” syndrome! It’s been a while, but I hope you’re better now! By the way, Sandhya has done a brilliant cartoon! [love the cunning crows!]

  2. This is way to funny – as last week only bird “crapped” on my hair as I was walking on the street! I was told the same as Marina said “Good luck” is on the way! Lol. Hayr Rabba!
    What a great post, Jay! same sentiments to Sandhya! Thanks for visiting my recent post, your thoughts are valuable. Stay gold, my friend. Cheers.

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