Pav Bhaji – Mumbai Style !

Pav Bhaji Collage

Namasthe! I just came back from a wonderful 5 day trip in Mumbai ! This was my first time and i was absolutely blown away by its culture, sophistication, people and of course its world-famous street food!

The most amazing thing about WordPress is that the viewership is not restricted to the residing country of the blog owner, the reach to the rest of the world is instant, which makes explaining stuff like the above even more exciting for me!

The pictures above were taken at the Chaat Bazaar, Juhu Beach. Standing among a booming crowd of hungry folks was an experience by itself! The dish being prepared is called Pav Bhaji. If you ever visit India, this street food is available on all menus across almost all restaurants. What makes it so amazing you ask?

Well here is a little something  i dug up about this fantastic dish – this fast food was invented in the 1850’s by a group of Gujarati traders using Portuguese loaf (yep there were Portuguese settlers back then) called Pao and Bhaji, a thick potato based curry, garnished with coriander, chopped onions with a dash of lemon! The Pav is heavily toasted in butter (!) and the final dish can be served with grated cheese and other suitable add-ons! Looks yummy right??


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