Winter is Coming.

Hey there! How you doin’? Just warning you that Winter IS Coming. My power level is over 9000 and i have a Dark Passenger Inside. In case i get caught while taking my victims, be aware that Harvey Specter is my lawyer. Got it?


No Fate But What We Make

Once again, i’m back with yet another fan-made poster of the cult movie of the 1990’s – Terminator 2!

Easily one of THE best movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and one of THE most influential Sci-Fi movies of all time!

The allegorical tale of John Connor and the T-800 goes on and on and on !

As always T2 is known for Arnie’s kick-ass dialogues such as

” I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle”
“I’ll be back”
“Hasta La Vista Baby!”
“Come with me if you want to live”

BUT, as always i prefer the dark and deep dialogues than anything else! Particularly when Sarah Connor etches a “saying” on a wooden table with her knife.

No Fate But What We Make.”

Epic !! Hope you like the poster!

Why Do We Fall ?

Hi all ! It has been a long, long time since i blogged here! And have i missed it!

The poster above is my first fan-made poster of my all time favorite icon – Batman.

Some of the best dialogues of Chris Nolan’s Batman Trilogy include those of the Joker, Batman, Ras Al Ghul and so on. But the best of all has to be Thomas Wayne’s simple yet inspiring quote – “Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up”

How apt right? Hope you like the poster!


© Jayanth B Kashyap

A long time ago, when i had a lot of time to spare, i indulged in creating flashy and cool animated titles and videos for my own creative satisfaction..Andrew Kramer, the famous visual artist is my guru when it comes to vfx!

One of his tutorials involves creating a terminator-meets-tron style title effect, and so i decided that il try it out too! (image above)

Although, the end product was not as spectacular as Andrew’s, I’m still proud of it !

Each blog of mine (My Mind a Nolan Movie, Extreme Close Up and 576 Megapixels) incorporates a unique banner design carefully designed by me. But not all designs step out of the drawing board. This design was one of the many that i had created for my movie blog (Extreme Close Up)

Hope you like it too!